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Pet Nail Clippers by Simply Natural – Stay-Sharp Pet Nail Clippers for Dogs Cats

  • Used Once £5 - Dog did not like them so I bought grinder

    PRO-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL PET NAIL CLIPPERS: Yes, these claw clippers are super sharp and built to last! Cut even the toughest nails smoothly and cleanly, and never worry about cutting too deep

    PET NAIL TRIMMER SAFETY STOP PREVENTS PAIN: Yes, you can clip quick without cutting to the quick. Clip quickly and with confidence with these Pet Nail Clippers, and lock them closed to protect the blades with the added safety lock

    PERFECT PET NAIL CLIPPERS FOR DOGS, CATS, BIRDS, RODENTS: Yes, you can clip any claw with Simply Natural Pet Nail Clippers for dogs, birds, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs – you name it, these clippers can trim it

    FREE 14CM PET NAIL FILE INCLUDED: Yes, this excellent claw file makes this kit complete. Use after clipping to make nails even smoother, though our Pet Nail Clippers cut so cleanly you may not even need it


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